Windscreen Wiper Wind Defelectors

Windscreen Wiper Wind Defelectors

Windscreen Wiper Wind Deflectors

Adds a really nice finishing touch to your car.

We had never seen these items before until a good friend of mine showed me an old set he had on his Bay Window.  We searched everywhere to source another set but with no luck, so I stole from his bus to make some nice AAC ones!

They not only look great but have a true function as the wind pushes down on the deflectors to help give additional force onto the the wipers to help clear the windscreen.  They really make a difference and are made from fully polished stainless steel and simply clip onto the arm of the wiper.

Sold as pairs

Photos below show fitted to VW's (as that is what we own) but these are pretty much universal and will fit onto almost any classic car!

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